Death Grind Music Videos- Aborted- Expurgation Euphoria

I absolutely love working on music videos- it's my favourite thing to do! Check out the special effects and prosthetics I did for the Belgian band Aborted, for Century Media Records, described by All Music as the role of, "key contributors to the brutal death metal genre"- Wikipedia. A prosthetic chest piece was cast & created for this video, which was attached to blood pumps. Some prosthetic faeces were also created, along with the diseased hand & junkie track marks & peeling skin.

Snuff Grind Basement Torture Killings- Severed Head Fellatio

Check out the prosthetics I made for the local brutal death metal grindcore band Basement Torture Killings, for Paul. I supervised a life casting team & life casted with them to create the gruesome severed head, severed hands, stitched up mouth prosthetics & bullet wound appliances & guts, using silicone. We also used the blood pumps which Creative Junkie Media are a fan of using in their music videos! I really enjoyed working on this, especially as they were local to me!

Electro Industrial Punk Rock- Angelspit- Toxic Girl

Check out the special effects I Created for Angelspit, an electronic band from Australia, now based in the U.S.A. I created the slit wrist & the man blowing his brains out with the gun, (this had to be toned down somewhat for the video)- this was my favourite part to do. I also created a corpse like effect & did some beauty make-up & applied a wig. I worked with a great team from LCC on this & it was the first music video I worked on & I enjoyed it greatly!

Rock- Attention Thieves-Tell Me What Are You Scared Of?

When Lewis rang me up & asked me if I wanted to work with him again after the Press to Meco music video & how I felt about recreating my favourite horror movie characters I was ecstatic! So we recreated Kreuger & Michael. We tried 2 different approaches for Kreuger- 1 was the more complex prosthetic style & the other more simplistic special effects technique using sculpt gel. We liked the sculpt gel effect better & used this method.

Rock Alternative- Press to Meco- Affinity

Check out the special effects & prosthetics I created for Press to Meco, who have played at Download Festival. My favourite part of doing the make-up was creating the slashed throat to a grindcore overkill visual effect. I used a very different approach for this to most people while experimenting with materials. I used gelflex over latex. This is what gave it this very, "meaty", look. I also made a, "meaty", head, which a director from Elstree Studios gave me the foam head, I covered in gelflex.

Grime- Marci Phonix- Black Friday

Check out this great video by one of the founding pioneers of grime, Marci Phonix. I really enjoyed working for this musician and I particularly enjoyed making the prosthetic tongue. It was a great project to work on

Dance Electronic- Davoodi- Night Out- Crunk'D Records

I assisted on this music video for Crunk'D Records. It was a refreshing & fun change to be doing face painting & glitter sparkle and glamour- a stark contrast to the usual blood & gore that I do!

Acapella BBC 2 Gareth Malone Naked Choir- Restless Symphony

Making scary faces for Acapella for BBC 2 Gareth Malone's Naked Choir

Our Niche Market on the Alternative Scene

Special Effects & Prosthetics & Props for Bands

I have done special effects make- up & prosthetics for a variety of music genres including Death Grind, Electro Industrial Punk Rock, Snuff Grind, Rock, Dance Electronic, Acapella, Black Metal, Rock Alternative. We do many prosthetics for niche genres.

Career highlights include designing & making prosthetics for Century Media Records for Aborted, (one of the key contributors to the death metal genre), doing special effects make-up for Restless Symphony for the B.B.C. 2 Gareth Malone's Naked Choir, making prosthetics & doing special effects make- up for Marci Phonix, (one of the founders of grime), & assisting with make-up for International Belguim Dance Electronic DJ & music producer Davoodi for Crunk'D Records.

We do:

  • Design & make prosthetics & special effects make-up for music videos
  • Special effects make-up & prosthetics application
  • Corpse paint
  • Stage props design & creation
  • Blood pump operation for music videos,  live gigs & festival
  • Face painting & special effects make-up for festivals
  • Body painting band logos which are a great way to advertise your new album as a walking advert!

Give us a call on 07593082563 or email:


"Arabella did a fantastic job for the '"Basement Torture Killings"' & '"Aborted- Expurgation Euphoria"' videos.

She was very thorough with her make-up & special effects making sure everything was absolutely perfect before we shot. She showed great skill & innovation when confronted with anything that could have been a potential problem, & came very well prepared as to avoid disruptions.

Arabella is very friendly with a good sense of humour & is easy to direct.

I would definitely employ her again & I would be intrigued to see what she can offer in other genres of make-up artistry.

Arabella was responsible for ALL of the make-up, prosthetics & special effects applied to the actors & band members." - Phil Berridge, Creative Junkie Media

Special Effects Make-Up Artist at Live Gigs:

  • Reading Festival, 2015
  • Snuff Fest, Black Heart, London, 2014- BTK
  • Symposium of Sickness, The Lexington, London, 2013- BTK
  • Terrorizer: Grindhouse: The Road to Perdition, Electrowerkz, London, 2013- Scutum Crux
  • Altars of Death Festival, Bull & Gate, London, 2012- BTK
  • Ur_Sagg band photoshoot, London
  • Serpentia commission, London

Interview with Metal Hammer

Defenders of the Faith- Metal's Modern Day Crusaders. Arabella Clarke- Horror Make-Up Maestro.

"Metalheads love horror, gore & zombies almost as much as they like their massive riffs. Driven by a passion for both horror make make-up artist Arabella Clarke has the skills required to turn anyone into a slavering bug-eyed monster.

'"My inspiration originally came mainly from music, particularly Cradle of Filth"', she tells us. '"I loved their art, videos & t-shirts. Just like metal, conceptual art screamed blood, sex, death & horror, so I delved right into that, & then went to college to learn how to do special effects make-up.

Relentlessly busy working on music videos, as well as in film, television & theatre, Arabella's gruesome talents are always particularly in demand around this time of year, as Halloween approaches, '"No doubt the phone will be ringing a lot in the weeks up to Halloween"', she says, '"I'm working on a '"scare event"' in the woods in Essex, & then I'll probably get drunk, listen to metal & probably sacrifice some sheep in the woods & drink their blood"'- Dom Lawson.

People I have Made Up on the Scene

Bogdan Staniec- Scutum Crux


Adam Roffey, Luke Caley & Lewis Williams- Press to Meco


Shaun Black- Scutum Crux


Bogdan Staniec- Scutum Crux


Bartuk- Scutum Crux, (Necrosadistic Goat Torture)


Ivy- Ur_Saag


BTK Girls- Jade & co


Marci Phonix


Bogdan Staniec- Scutum Crux