Death Grindcore Music Videos Aborted- Expurgation Euphoria

Check out the special effects and prosthetics I did for the Belgian band Aborted, for Century Media Records, described by All Music as the role of, "key contributors to the brutal death metal genre"- Wikipedia. A prosthetic chest piece was cast & created for this video, which was attached to blood pumps. Some prosthetic faeces were also created, along with the diseased hand & junkie track marks & peeling skin.

Basement Torture Killings- Severed Head Fellatio.

Check out the prosthetics I made for the local brutal death metal grindcore band Basement Torture Killings, for Paul. I supervised a life casting team & life casted with them to create the gruesome severed head, severed hands, stitched up mouth prosthetics & bullet wound appliances & guts, using silicone. We also used the blood pumps which Creative Junkie Media are a fan of using in their music videos! I really enjoyed working on this, especially as they were local to me!

Angelspit- Toxic Girl

Check out the special effects I Created for Angelspit, an electronic band from Australia, now based in the U.S.A. I created the slit wrist & the man blowing his brains out with the gun, (this had to be toned down somewhat for the video)- this was my favourite part to do. I also created a corpse like effect & did some beauty make-up & applied a wig. I worked with a great team from LCC on this & it was the first music video I worked on & I enjoyed it greatly!

Attention Thieves- Tell Me (What Are You Scared Of?)

When Lewis rang me up & asked me if I wanted to work with him again after the Press to Meco music video & how I felt about recreating my favourite horror movie characters I was ecstatic! So we recreated Kreuger & Michael. We tried 2 different approaches for Kreuger- 1 was the more complex prosthetic style & the other more simplistic special effects technique using sculpt gel. We liked the sculpt gel effect better & used this method.

Press to Meco- Affinity

Check out the special effects & prosthetics I created for Press to Meco, who have played at Download Festival. My favourite part of doing the make-up was creating the slashed throat to a grindcore overkill visual effect. I used a very different approach for this to most people while experimenting with materials. I used gelflex over latex. This is what gave it this very, "meaty", look. I also made a, "meaty", head, which a director from Elstree Studios gave me the foam head, I covered in gelflex.

Our Niche Market on the Alternative Scene

Special Effects & Prosthetics & Props for Bands

I have done special effects make-up & prosthetics for many niche death grindcore bands. I have also done make-up for a B.B.C. 2's "The Naked Choir with Gareth Malone", music video.

We do:

  • Special effects make-up & prosthetics for music videos
  • Special effects make-up & prosthetics application, corpse paint & props design & create & blood pump operation for live gigs & festivals. 
  • We can create stage props such as bespoke skulls or dead body parts, such as severed hands or stitched up mouth prosthetics
  • Special effects make-up & face painting for festivals
  • Body painting band logos which are a great way to advertise your new album as a walking advert! Or if you are just a band fan & you want their logo body painted on you as you go to their gigs we can do that

Give us a call on 07593082563 or email:


"Arabella did a fantastic job for the '"Basement Torture Killings"' & '"Aborted- Expurgation Euphoria"' videos.

She was very thorough with her make-up & special effects making sure everything was absolutely perfect before we shot. She showed great skill & innovation when confronted with anything that could have been a potential problem, & came very well prepared as to avoid disruptions.

Arabella is very friendly with a good sense of humour & is easy to direct.

I would definitely employ her again & I would be intrigued to see what she can offer in other genres of make-up artistry.

Arabella was responsible for ALL of the make-up, prosthetics and special effects applied to the actors & band members." - Phil Berridge, Creative Junkie Media

Special Effects Make-Up Artist at Live Gigs:

  • Reading Festival, 2015
  • Snuff Fest, Black Heart, London, 2014- BTK
  • Symposium of Sickness, The Lexington, London, 2013- BTK
  • Terrorizer: Grindhouse: The Road to Perdition, Electrowerkz, London, 2013- Scutum Crux
  • Altars of Death Festival, Bull & Gate, London, 2012- BTK

  • Ur_Sagg band photoshoot, London
  • Serpentia commission, London

Interview with Metal Hammer

Defenders of the Faith- Metal's Modern Day Crusaders. Arabella Clarke- Horror Make-Up Maestro.

"Metalheads love horror, gore & zombies almost as much as they like their massive riffs. Driven by a passion for both horror make make-up artist Arabella Clarke has the skills required to turn anyone into a slavering bug-eyed monster.

'"My inspiration originally came mainly from music, particularly Cradle of Filth"', she tells us. '"I loved their art, videos & t-shirts. Just like metal, conceptual art screamed blood, sex, death & horror, so I delved right into that, & then went to college to learn how to do special effects make-up.

Relentlessly busy working on music videos, as well as in film, television & theatre, Arabella's gruesome talents are always particularly in demand around this time of year, as Halloween approaches, '"No doubt the phone will be ringing a lot in the weeks up to Halloween"', she says, '"I'm working on a '"scare event"' in the woods in Essex, & then I'll probably get drunk, listen to metal & probably sacrifice some sheep in the woods & drink their blood"'- Dom Lawson.

People I have Made Up on the Metal Scene

Bogdan Staniec- Scutum Crux

Adam Roffey, Luke Caley & Lewis Williams- Press to Meco

Shaun Black- Scutum Crux

Bogdan Staniec- Scutum Crux

Bartuk- Scutum Crux, (Necrosadistic Goat Torture)

Ivy- Ur_Saag

BTK Girls- Jade & co

Paul Foster-Dent- BTK, Basement Torture Killings

Bogdan Staniec- Scutum Crux