Popular Halloween Make-Ups



Zombies are the most requested Halloween make-ups. Please note contact lenses are additional upon request

Zipper Effect Party Trick


This novel make-up gives you hours of fun with a zipper effect. The zipper can be pulled up and down. Amaze your friends and show off your party tricks!

The Slaughtered: Slashed Throat


Good to go as a couple the vampire's victim with a vampire! 

Asylum Zombie


Pale & mad! 

Slashed Face & Ripped Throat


Look deadly scary with these super realistic special effects. People will want to call you an ambulance!

Skull Face Paint


Ghouly skull

Spooky Glasgow Smile


Look like a spooky oxymoron: glamorous and gory

The Nun


Look freaky like your  current favourite horror movie

Skull Face Paint: Wolfe Design


Show your muscles!



A popular Halloween character

Zipper Face

Zipper Face

Amaze your friends with this party trick zipper face



Be a blood bank vampire!

Black Swan

Black Swan



A popular Halloween character



Freak people out as a zombie!

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Halloween Make-Ups

Halloween Special Effects & Prosthetics Make-Up Application

We apply special effects make-up & prosthetics for Halloween parties. Our team of make-up artists are there to help you get ready for your party!

  • Special effects & prosthetics make-up application
  • Face & body painting
  • Bespoke props: dead body parts, skulls, etc

Wondering Which Halloween Make-Up to Go For?

Let us help you! Check out our most popular Halloween make-ups on this page. Maybe you will see a type of make-up here that appeals to you

Previous Halloween Clients

Previous Halloween clients have included:

  • Deustche Bank
  • Phones 4 U
  • Anabell's Private Member's Club
  • Cursed Essex's Scare Attraction
  • International clients

Our Current Halloween Deal

As valid customers we are currently offering you a seasonal 2 for the price of 1 on a 2 people make-up


Q: I'm looking to get my make-up done for Halloween, but I'm not sure what make-up to go for?

A: Check out our page of most popular Halloween make-up requests. You might find something that appeals  to you. Alternatively, you might like to google a reference picture for me for a make-up or character that you like, or you may just want to discuss your ideas with me

Q: Are contact lenses included in the cost?

A: No, these are additional cost upon request

Q: How long does it take to do make-up? 

A: Approximately 20- 40 mins- 1 hour per person, depending on what type of make-up you require & how simple or elaborate the design is

Q: How do I remove the make-up?

A: Make-up remover, face wipes, life wipes, or eye make-up remover pads are good techniques for removing make-up

Q: How long will the make-up last?

A: Generally the whole night. You can top your make-up up through the night & we can give you a complimentary pot of blood to top up with. We use powder as a fixer to set make-up. For body paint smudges through sweat can be avoided by using a fixer spray or alcohol based paints. If you are having a prosthetic appliance applied to you, they generally stick, however if it is in a part of the body where muscle action is prominent this can interfere with the glue's sticking ability

Q: Do you do costumes? 

A: No, sorry, just make-up

Q: Do you travel to us or do we have to travel to you?

A: I am mobile, which means I generally travel to wherever you are in the country. Alternatively you are welcome to have your make-up done at our base or if you are nearby

Q: What is the maximum amount of people you can make-up?

A: Check our faq above on how long it takes to make-up people. We usually bring a couple of other make-up artists with us if the numbers are large or we will send other make-up artists to you

Q: Is pre-booking essential?

A: Yes, Halloween is our busiest time of year! So pre-booking is essential to avoid disappointment

Q: How do I book?

A: Send your enquiry and we will get back to you in approx. 24 hours. If you decide you want to book send us a confirmation email, text or call to arabella@horrormakeupfx.co.uk or 07593082563 with £25 deposit for individuals & 50 % deposit for large groups

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: Cash, paypal, bank transfer & cheque

Q: It's last minute & I've just decided that I want to have my make-up done. What shall I do?

A: Give us a call anyway, you may be lucky & we may be able to fit you somewhere in our schedule