Current Projects


If I don't write my ideas down or sketch them straight away, (which is hard to do for all of them at once as I have lots of different ideas buzzing around in my head all the time), I  always forget them, so I'm going to start using this space to list some of my ideas down

Rabbit Werewolf

My rabbit malts everywhere. Let's sculpt him as a rabbit turned werewolf

Bra Design

Are you sick of how uncomfortable bras are? Good! So are me and plenty of other women out there!  I had been thinking about this for many months and suddenly one day an idea clicked. So I'm going to design a bra with many new improved usps'. If you are good at making clothes or lingerie please get in touch with me!

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I love designing & drawing, so if you have an idea you want to bring to life visually drop us a line to discuss your projects with us.

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