Freehand Body Painting

Brand PR Logo Advertising Product Launch Body Painting


Advertise your brand & product with a body painting walking advert. It's creative & will certainly get people talking about your brand. Useful for event & product launches at events & festivals. Advertise your band, their new album release, or simply be a fan with your favourite band on you. Advertise your clothing brand with our ability to paint clothes.

Creative Body Painting


Stand out from the crowd! Go nude with a difference. Body painting is popular attire for fetish club nights & ordinary club nights. Go all out! Having a party or celebration & special occasion & want a novelty? How about body painting! Perhaps you want to have a creative day or work on your self confidence- what better way to work on your self confidence than a nude  creative paint & get to enjoy being a model for the day! I love designing things! Let me design you something weird & wonderful!

Stage Performers Body Painting


Are you a performer & need making up for stage? Body paint is a great way to stand out & have your performance remembered. Corpse Paint body painting for Black Metal bands. Stand out on stage! Use body painting to create illusions with space & shape. Create negative space & change the shape of your body. Body trompe l'oeil! Create camouflage effects with body painting & merge into the background- another illusion! Get painted like a human still statue like those you see in the performer's square in Covent Garden

Face Painting: Corporate


We do face painting for many corporate events. Face painting can be used for sporting events or as a promotion tool for businesses, brands, product launches and supermarkets. I have painted at Wembley Stadium for Let's Face It! & at the Paralypmics and also used my face painting skills to promote lego for supermarkets such as ASDA

Creative Face Painting

Wolfe Design

We like to get creative with our face painting like these gruesome effects, combining face painting & special effects make-up, (Wolfe Design). I have painted both adults & children for Halloween, parties & festivals.

Pregnancy Bump Body Painting

Pregnancy can be celebrated & memories saved with a pregnancy body bump painting

About Me

When I was choosing my Media Make-Up Diploma specialist units at the London School of Media Make-Up as a Fine Art graduate, one particular course unit stood out at me which I absolutely had to pick! It was the body painting unit, which was taught by Raphael Fieldhouse, a champion body painter. I loved every second of this unit and body painting! It crossed over into special effects & prosthetics which I also really enjoyed and U.V. paint too, which I had previously used in my photographic art. I just wanted to do more & more body painting

How Body Painting is Applied as a Medium

  • Water based paints
  • Alcohol based paints- these are waterproof & are great for under water shoots
  • Mixed with special effects & prosthetics medium
  • Applied with UV pain

Festivals & Events I Painted At:

  • World Body Painting Festival, Austria, 2010
  • Reading Festival, 2015
  • Lollibop Festival for Let's Face It!
  • ASDA lego promotions
  • Halloween bank protest, City of London 
  • Official England Painter at Wembley Stadium football matches for Let's Face It!
  • Halloween Special effects & prosthetics with champion body  face painter Bibi Freeman at Dogstar pub, Brixton
  • Terrorizer: Road to Perdition, Electrowerkz, London, corpse paint body painter

Contact Me For a Quote:

Tel: 07593082563



  • What do I need to be equipped for body painting modelling? You will need some nude coloured pants & or nipple covers or tape if you are female
  • How can I ensure the body paint stays the whole duration of the event/ night? We use a fixer spay for water based paints or alcohol based paints which are naturally waterproof and also durable for underwater shoots
  • How long does it take to do a full body paint? Standard approx. 6 hours
  • I prefer a male/ female body painter. We have both female & male body painters. Laszlo is on our male body painting team.
  • Do you do airbrushing? I pride myself on my freehand abilities. So no unless an airbrush is provided as I don't own an airbrush